Frequently Asked Questions

What is TrackMyTour?

TrackMyTour is a travel tracking app for the iPhone and iPad. Updates made with the app are displayed on an online map for friends and family to follow along.

What does an online map look like?

Have a look at Adam and Christy's Give A Bike 50 State Tour.

Is TrackMyTour free?

The TrackMyTour app and website are free to use, but you are restricted to two maps. If you wish to create more maps you can purchase an upgrade from within the app. Your purchase helps with our hosting and licensing costs. We appreciate the support!

There is no cost if you only use TrackMyTour to follow other users.

Is TrackMyTour a real-time tracker?

No. Waypoints are added at discrete locations whenever you want to highlight a location or say, “Here I am.” This minimizes battery consumption since the device isn't continuously tracking you.

Can I create waypoints without a data connection?

Yes, as long as the device is able to determine your location. Waypoints can be saved offline and submitted at a later time when you have an internet connection (e.g., at the hotel where you have WiFi access). This is useful when traveling to foreign countries where data roaming costs can be expensive.

Can I retroactively add waypoints?

Yes. On the Add Waypoint screen you can tap the Location and Date fields to place a waypoint at a location in the past.

Can I add more than one photo per waypoint?

No. Only one photo is allowed per waypoint. This was an early design decision in order to keep the user interface in the app and website as simple as possible.

What does “Public” and “Limited, anyone with the link” map visibility mean?

Anyone can view Public maps. Public maps are openly listed in the app and on the TrackMyTour website for other users to discover and follow.

"Limited, anyone with the link" is technically visible by anyone, but only if they know or guess the link. These maps are not listed in the app or on the TrackMyTour website. Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ sharing buttons are not available with limited visibility maps.

I searched for a friend's map but could not find it. How do I find it?

It's not possible to search for maps with limited visibility due to privacy restrictions. The easiest way to find a tour is to have your friend share their map with you. Have your friend open their map, tap the action button, select "Share Map", and then "E-mail". From here they can send you an e-mail with a link to their map.

Where can I get it?

TrackMyTour can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. You can also search for “trackmytour” in the App Store app.

Why is there no line connecting my waypoints over the Pacific Ocean?

This is a limitation with Apple Maps where lines connecting over the International Date Line are connected by looping around the world in the opposite direction. To get around this limitation TrackMyTour drops any line segment that would be affected by this.

This limitation does not affect the online map.

How do I delete a map, waypoint, or comment?

Maps, waypoints, and comments (on your maps) can be deleted by swiping across the item in the map, waypoint, or comment list.

My location is wrong. What's going on?

TrackMyTour uses Location Services to determine your location and has no control of its accuracy. There are many factors that affect the accuracy of the GPS, including: the iPhone/iPod model, data connection, proximity to WiFi & cell towers, and whether the iPhone is obstructed from the sky.

Are there plans to support Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone?

No. I would like to, but we don't have the resources.